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     --former versions: "Homotopy Nilpotency in $p$-compact groups" arXiv:math.AT/0710.3975, "Homotopy Nilpotency in Localized Groups", available in the Kyoto University Preprint Series
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    I am very sorry but I made a lot of serious mistakes in the printed version above. A revised version is available at arXiv:math.AT/0710.5926 with the title "Mod 2 cohomology of 2-local finite groups of low rank". I would like to sincerely apologize for that.
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Refereed Book Chapter

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Refereed Conference Proceedings

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Non-Refereed Conference Proceedings

  1. S. Kaji, S. Hirose, H. Ochiai, and K. Anjyo,  A Lie Theoretic Parameterization of Affine Transformation, Proceedings of MEIS2013 (Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis 2013), MI Lecture Notes Vol.50, pp. 134--140.
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    ( this Proceedings version discusses an iOS application, whereas the above book section version puts more emphasis on the theoretical aspects ) 
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        I occasionally write for Mathematical Reviews (MathSciNet).